Shira Klasmer


in rehearsal, Amsterdam 2008

Rehearsal, Amsterdam 2008

Ars Memoria ((rec))

ArsMemoria((rec)) is an audio-visual installation and live performance by Tom Tlalim and Shira klasmer, in collaboration with musician Karolina Bäter.

Projected stretches of long, panoramic still imagery are superimposed with electro-acoustic sounds, exploring aspects of contemporary urban society and notions such as displacement, local identity, projection, time, and memory.

Motion captured on rolls of photographic negative, become synonymous here with time-stretched recordings of extended Recorder techniques. Associations and Breath, the essentials bring them together, suggesting meaning. Urban environment is the context for these happenings, as the mind renders facets of city surface.

project history:

2007 development in residence at steim; presentation at TAG.

Ars Memoria ((Rec)) | 2007 | 20′

Concept: Tom Tlalim & Shira Klasmer

Composition: Tom Tlalim

Photography: Shira Klasmer

Recorders: Karolina Bäterng