Shira Klasmer

2010 | Lambda Print | 88 x 57 cm

2010 | Lambda Print | 88 x 57 cm

2012 | Lambda Print | 88 x 57 cm

2011 | Lambda Print | 88 x 57 cm

Landscape Poems

Landscape Poems is a series of ‘scroll’ photographs printed in a paragraph or a short poem format so that the overall image fits a rectangular display.

The ‘Scroll’ photographs began as a fascination with the transition of time, I have been exploring the etching and interpretation of movement within the still image. The works focus on motion within landscape photography and as a perpetual narrative that integrates the elements of time and space within the image.

The original image (the scroll photographs) extends beyond the standard frame dimension and provides the viewer with a visual horizontal narrative. I work with my old fashioned Pentax camera which I have modified by attaching a motor and in pulling the film through the camera while the shutter is open, I create a long exposure (up to 4min minute) of the entire roll of 35mm film. The result is a photograph that is one frame – the entire length of 36-frames, and reveals an elasticity to time where the future, present and past co-exist as one image.