Shira Klasmer

Out of Thin Air – photographs

During several weekends the darken parking space adjoined the London studio of Gabriel and Shira was turned to the playground for experiments, an investigation to the edges of sculpture; its fragility, materiality and its sense of volume.

‘Out of thin Air’ is a playful exploration where the artists try to create sculptures using raw materials shaped by the forces of air, gravity and light, all frozen in time and space by a flash of light or a long exposure. The event was captured by stereo-cameras and recreated as a 3D projection or as a Duratran lightbox.

Materials that were used for the sculptures are loosely relating to Gabriel’s current interest in air and inflatables. In using available studio materials (such as plastic sheets, blankets, studio rubbish, stings, dirt and dust etc) they become surprisingly ‘glorified’ when captured by the camera. Out of darkness of the car park objects appear, caught by the flash of light, not as images but as realities, as presences, of what only exists, in the imaginary field of vision, between the left and the right eye.

This is the third collaborative projects between father and daughter, artist and photographer. The two join their mutual interests in movement and space to create this mysterious and quirky body of works. On display here are a small selection of photographs from this project.

*To view these photographs in 3D you will need a pair of anaglyph glasses (Red and Blue).