Shira Klasmer


ProlongGone | 2011 | 8’50”

Artists: Gabriel Klasmer & Shira Klasmer

Sound Composition: Tom Tlalim

Editor: Haim Litani

ProlongGone is a video art piece created as a collaboration between painter and photographer, father and daughter; Gabriel Klasmer and Shira Klasmer.

Both artists have interests in the human hand, the human eye and all the systems of mediation that generate perception. The two bring these interest and their separate mediums into one as a video instillation. Painting as material, photography as light, Gabriel and Shira have created sequences of imaginary paintings and frozen photographic images, sweeps of light and form.

The beauty of painting with light is that the process is a performance. Each photograph was an act of Gabriel walking and drawing in total darkness through the space of a car park. In a 20 second exposure, he would walk methodically through the space creating paintings of light that were etched on the camera’s chip. The differences in light patterns would occur through his rhythm of walking and movements.

The artists worked closely with sound artists Tom Tlalim to create the  surround soundtrack. Rhythm, mechanical texture and spacial sounds draw the audience through the circular space and in time with the movements of the cursor as if it is part of a mechanical machine, a scanner or printer.

First commissioned as a 360 degree screening for Ron Arad’s ‘Curtain Call’ instillation at the Roundhouse in August 2011, it was also screened at the Israel museum a in 2012 as part of Jerusalem Cultural season.

The video sequence presented here is the full version.