Shira Klasmer

Commisioned by Tanz Magazine to photograph the Met University London dance & theatre department run by Thomas Kampe. Klasmer created panoramic photographs taken during the a dance class of students in action.

‘New moves’ exhibition catalogue, as part of the exhibition at Aram Gallery. Photographs of angle poise lamps designed by RCA students. To view sample photos from the book please see art&design portfolio.

A frame taken out of ‘Successions’ video art piece for promotion of Invideo 2010 Video art festival, Milan Novemeber 2010.

Handviews is a project created by artist Ana Garcia (Anak). It is an annual book, a portrait of people's opinions through their hands about their current lives and wishes. How was your year 2009, and how will your year 2010 be? Klasmer photographed 80 individuals published in this book.

Klasmer’s artwork photograph ‘Street Corner’ was used in March 2010 on the cover of Israeli psychotherapy magazine called Sihot-Dialogue.

New Writings from Israel, 2012. Photographs of rehearsals. Tik-sho-ret theater.

Photographs of Adi Lerer, used for her one-man show ‘On the Cusp’. Image design by Ingrid Hu.

Photographs for flyer and poster for promotion of Skinworks I.C’s show.


On this page there are samples of klasmer’s published photographs.

She has had her works published in numerous magazines, books, catalogues and online as well as used for marketing and advertising purposes.