Shira Klasmer

2009| Lambda print Diasec | 20 x 640cm

2009 | Lambda print Diasec | 20 x 1200cm

2012 | Lambda print Diasec | 20 x 1100cm

2009 | Lambda print Diasec | 20 x 1200cm


The scale and dimension of my work arises questions of our perception and understanding of photography and time but also its links to the cinematic. As one art critic wrote: ‘Klasmer’s camera with the aid of a motor, turns the device into a cimenatic film camera … Klasmer plays between spacial art and the art of time. The instrument – the camera that is used to freeze time with the use of a shutter and aperture is neutralized. The cancellation of the functions that sift and block the light, together with the motorization turn the camera to an instrument that observes and records time. The result of the moving film is translated to a still print, and again a place of transaction of time and space. In the 3rd state the length of the exposure gets emphasised in the printing of a lengthy panorama.’ (Danny Yahav-Brown)