Shira Klasmer

2008 | Lambda print | 20 x 1200 cm

2008 | Lambda print | 20 x 1200 cm


The series or works called ‘Successions’ was the fruit of a collaboration with Flock Dance Company in 2009. I invited the dancers Rosie Taylor and Lizzie Carr to construct and perform a brief choreography. We took part in a residency in Cornwall called ‘Transitions’ and spent the entire week in the gallery working on the choreography and photographing,  scanning and printing the outcomes.

We worked to create a three minute piece that had elements of synchronized movements, differences in height as well as some contact work, which I envisioned would create a varied and dynamic narrative in the  photograph. In the course of photographing the dance, I would also annotate live how the movements recorded on film, thus creating my own interpretation of the dance. Each take I photographed, I would accentuate different aspects of the movements and in turn build my own narrative.

Here are two takes on the same choreography but with different sets of costumes.