Shira Klasmer

Successions Video

Succesions | 2009 | 4’19”

Artist: Shira Klasmer

Dancers: Flock Dance Company, Rosie Taylor and Lizzie Carr

Sound track created by: Resonate music.

Successions is the fruit of a collaboration with Flock Dance company. the two dancers perform in a brief choreography that Shira Klasmer then photographed with her modified 35mm camera. The result is a luminous flowing of the entire photograph that melts together movement and time in a single image. Two panoramic shots , each one traced over the entire roll of film, become images in motion as they slowly “unravel,” allowing the shapes to dissolve into swathes of coloured light. The soundscape for the video was created by mixing recorded elements with sampled sounds of the artist’s camera at work.

The video was exhibited at:

Zabludowicz¬†Collection, London as part of ‘Magic’ event, 2008

‘Halaf/Pass’ Gallery 39, Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2010

‘Invideo’ festival, Milan 2010

‘Video is the only Constant’, screening London, 2011